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What's Your Focus?

We all have different focuses. At Loomis, our focus is on being the specialists at creating efficient cash flow. Partnering with Loomis means more than outsourcing the handling, counting and transportation of your cash. It means that you’re partnering with the company that handles $11 billion of cash each day and that makes over 100,000 customer stops, so that you can count on our experience with dependably providing innovative cash management services tailored to your specific needs.

We focus on your cash handling so that you can focus on you business with peace of mind.
So you don’t have to worry – we always know where your cash is. Loomis products and services provides a wide array of integrated cash management solutions for businesses that require the safe, secure, strategic and profitable flow of their cash.

Banking and financial institutions utilize our solutions to ensure secure transport, manage cash, coin and check processing, outsource their vaults, replenish ATMs, and provide real time online account management and reporting at every level of service performed.

Retail and commercial businesses trust Loomis to provide secure transport, manage cash with the SafePoint End-to-End solution, and provide real time online account management and reporting at every level of service performed.

While all of our services enhance safety and security, many of our industry specific services can also dramatically add value by streamlining cash handling and increasing profit margins.

To a bank or other financial institution, these solutions generate growth opportunities without the need for capital expenditure. To a retail or commercial customer, the same solutions reduce cost and strengthen cash management systems.

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