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Cash Exchange

Retail & Commercial Solutions

Integrated solutions from Loomis are an important element of a sound cash management program. By combining secure transport, cash processing, hardware, and electronic reporting in a solution such as SafePoint, we create a depth of value far beyond what might be apparent in a simple price-per-stop comparison.

Our products and services for retail and commercial businesses can all be managed from our online Senergy Customer Gateway portal in real time, and include:

SafePoint Retail Cash Management
SafePoint helps businesses to focus on customers and employees to grow their business, instead of focused on day-to-day cash management. Enhance your security and streamline deposits by closing the loop on your cash handling with our integrated cash management solution. With integrated armored transport, an electronic safe, installation, maintenance, warranty and cash processing services all for one monthly price, you’ll see less shrinkage and greater profits. Loomis also works with many financial institutions to facilitate expedited credit arrangements. Get the details...

Cash Exchange
Cash Exchange delivers the change retail and commercial customers need when they need it without the hassle of bank fees and change order management. By placing your order through our online ICO website or by phone, Cash Exchange allows you to swap your large bills for an even exchange of smaller denomination bills and coin at your business on your days of service. Get the details...

ATM Services
Serving over 73,000 ATMs throughout the US, Loomis provides cash replenishment and settlement, deposit pickup and processing, and maintenance and security. Get the details...

Cash, Coin & Check Processing
Loomis processes your cash, coin and/or check processing (including imaging). Featuring comprehensive reporting capabilities. Get the details...

Virtual Vault
Our national cash handling network enables your bank to service you virtually anywhere in the US, simplifying cash management by allowing you to reduce the number of banks you do business with. Benefits include reduced cycle time, internet-based change orders and account management, and deposit detail tracking by location. Get the details...

Armored Transport
Our armored transport services include deposit pickups, change order services, emergency cash service, ATM services, special transport services, and much more. All services provided safe, secure and on time. Get the details...

Our integrated solutions for retail and commercial businesses accelerate credit for your deposit,
strengthen cash control and reporting, leverage your banking relationship, and reduce your operating costs, management time, and internal losses. With our extensive line of cash management products and services, Loomis focuses on your cash handling so that you can focus on your business.

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