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In today’s competitive environment, large retailers and commercial businesses want a bank that can meet them in every market where they do business. Unfortunately, many banks are unable to compete for large, geographically dispersed retail and commercial accounts. As a result, retailers and commercial businesses are forced to work with multiple banks, complicating what should be a simpler process.

To help retailers and commercial businesses work with their preferred bank, Loomis offers the Virtual Vault solution, which gives banks the ability to serve their customer’s markets where they have no physical presence virtually anywhere in the US by utilizing our national cash distribution network. The Virtual Vault simplifies cash management for retailers and commercial businesses by reducing the number of banks they do business with, providing our full range of Cash, Coin and Check Processing services. Account management is simplified with our single access point Senergy Customer Gateway portal, which provides real time transmittal of account processing data in an easily accessible form. The Virtual Vault also delivers reduced cycle time and deposit tracking by location.

Outsourced Vault Services
Loomis also offers outsourced vaults for banks that desire to outsource selected vaults rather than invest in costly vault infrastructure upgrades.


Loomis Virtual Vault Case Studies

CELENT Virtual Vault Case Study
Virtual Vaults: They're Not Just for Cash Anymore

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