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SafePoint Retail Cash Management

SafePoint by Loomis is our integrated cash management solution for retail and commercial customers that routinely handle cash. An end-to-end one-source solution, SafePoint saves you money while providing more control over your cash and more security for your employees and customers.

Business owners are frequently forced to focus time on micromanaging each step of the cash handling process. Manually counting cash, preparing and making deposits, and attempting to control cash shrinkage takes away valuable focus from the business. Frequently, this loss of focus results in lost sales, increased operating costs, less time for customers, and lost profits.

The Loomis SafePoint Retail Cash Management solution helps you focus on your customers and employees to grow your business, instead of focusing on day-to-day cash management. The SafePoint integrated solution combines technology, cash management services and armored transportation to close the loop on cash handling, resulting in less shrinkage and greater profits.

The Loomis SafePoint Retail Cash Management solution provides:

Secure Cash Handling
SafePoint counts and validates cash, rejects counterfeit money, secures your cash, and eliminates time-consuming deposit preparation.

No Upfront Costs
SafePoint Retail Cash Management solution is configured to your unique financial requirements, and there are no upfront costs for installation.

Automated Reporting System
All cash activity is precisely tracked and counted with cashier-level reporting, providing detailed reports at each step of your cash flow.

The Closed Loop System
Gaps where robbery, theft or loss can occur are eliminated, with every step controlled, protected and streamlined. With reduced or eliminated cash shrinkage, opportunities for theft and loss are dramatically reduced, resulting in greater profitability.

The Loomis 100% Guaranty
Once their cash is in the safe, their funds are guaranteed against loss, robbery or theft, and cash verified in their safe posts as provisional credit. Financial participation determines eligibility.

How much is cash costing your customers?
Find out with our SafePoint Calculator.

Loomis SafePoint Case Studies

G&J Acquisitions
C-store chain cuts costs by 50% with SafePoint

Family Foods Inc.
Fast food operator cuts time, improves cash management

Kwikee Mart
Kwikee Mart Grows with Loomis’ SafePoint Solution


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