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Cash, Coin & Check Processing

Banks and financial institutions, retailers and commercial businesses that are looking for more effective ways to manage and process currency, coin and checks need look no further. Loomis offers a variety of services for managing both cash and coin inventory, and for streamlining check imaging operations. Managing your cash, coin and/or check processing from a single access point: our fully integrated Senergy Customer Gateway portal. Senergy provides you with real time online account management of:

Cash Processing
The Loomis Internet Order Fulfillment (ICO) component of our cash processing enables control of multiple branch orders/deliveries and approvals while reducing end point charges. Some of our cash processing services include change order preparation, order fulfillment, deposit consolidation, ATM cash preparation and residual processing.

Our reporting capabilities provide you with electronic files that can be formatted as needed to suit your purposes. Each of our cash operations features a balance and audit function, providing an independent audit and quality control check apart from day-to-day processing operations. Online management of cash processing services is available with our Senergy Customer Gateway.

Coin Processing
Loomis offers comprehensive coin services throughout our national service network. We offer Federal Reserve Coin Depots in 40 locations, enabling us to provide the most stable and reliable coin services in the industry and, in most cases, help you reduce inventory. Complete processing services include sorting, wrapping, storage and delivery.

Loomis provides a wide spectrum of services designed to reduce your inventory, simplify coin processing management, and provide real time reporting as needed from your desktop. Standard and non-standard change orders may be received next day at your location, and return shipments can be processed, reported, stored and available for redistribution to your locations thus, reducing your inventory. Online management of coin processing services is available with our Senergy Customer Gateway.

Check Processing
Our remote check capture solution allows retailers and financial institutions to leverage Check 21 provisions while streamlining operations. Check processing is an important element in a comprehensive outsourced vault environment. By integrating our check capture capabilities with the cash processing component of our Senergy Customer Gateway, Loomis provides an efficient single source check and mixed deposit processing solution.

Cash, checks and mixed deposits are captured, validated, proofed and balanced at the same time in a simple automated process. The check images can be routed electronically every night so that our customers can settle or clear the check images electronically resulting in reduced end-to-end cycle time. Online management of check processing services is available with our Senergy Customer Gateway.

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