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ATM Services

Serving over 73,000 ATMs across the United States, Loomis is the nation’s leading ATM service company, accommodating the needs of banking and financial institutions, retail and commercial businesses, and Independent Service Operators (ISOs) with our national service network and with quick response times.

Cash Replenishment and Settlement
Through our Senergy Customer Gateway, we can dramatically simplify the order fulfillment and settlement processes and integrate directly with your cash forecasting system. After each replenishment, we balance your machines and communicate that information promptly to you. Frequency of replenishment is determined according to your needs; however, we offer cash forecasting and management services to help reduce inventories while minimizing the risk of cash outages. We also provide emergency replenishment services.

Deposit Pickup and Processing
We are committed to providing timelier, faster, more accurate methods of processing deposits that consider the broader processing cycle to drive down your per-transaction cost. Serving the needs of an ATM network requires equal parts transportation and processing expertise.

Maintenance and Security
Loomis partners with leading ATM technical service providers to provide FLM and SLM solutions, and we offer electronic lock solutions on all of the ATMs we service.

You can count on Loomis ATM services to keep your ATMs running and providing timely, accurate data, so that you can focus on your business while we focus on your cash.

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